Long & Black Follicle Solution

For situations where professional intervention is needed, the Long & Black Follicle Solution, used in conjunction with the Micro Tok-Tok, is used to apply nutrients directly to the scalp.

The Long & Black Follicle Solution, which contains 5% Panax Ginseng Root extract, Soybean seed extract, and various peptides, is carefully formulated to deliver the exact doses of each ingredient.

The solution is packaged in 3ml bottles and easily attached to the Micro Tok-Tok.

After the Long & Black Follicle Solution is applied, customers will be recommended with one or more of our Phyto-plex products to care for their hair after treatment.

Each box of Long & Black Follicle Solution contains 8 units of 3ml bottles.

依照头皮的情况,我们的专家可选择用 Micro Tok-Tok 和Long & Black Follicle Solution ,将营养成份直接注入头皮。

Long&Black Follicle Solution含有5%人参根萃取物,大豆种子提取物和各种多肽,并且精心配制以便提供精准的营养配方。

为了方便与 Micro Tok-Tok 使用, Long&Black Follicle Solution 是以3毫升瓶包装。只需要打开瓶盖,把 Micro Tok-Tok 套在瓶口即可使用。

每盒 Long & Black Follicle Solution 里有8瓶3毫升的营养剂,