Micro Tok-Tok

For situations where professional intervention is needed, the Micro Tok-Tok, used in conjunction with the Long & Black Follicle Solution, is used to apply nutrients directly to the scalp.

Using numerous micro fibres, the Micro Tok-Tok applies controlled doses of the solution directly into the dermis painlessly, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed by the hair follicles effortlessly.

The Micro Tok-Tok is easy to handle, and does not need special training in order to use it.

Safety Reminder: For hygienic & safety reasons, please do not reuse the Micro Tok-tok and properly dispose it after use.

依照头皮的情况,我们的专家可选择用 Micro Tok-Tok 和Long & Black Follicle Solution ,将营养成份直接注入头皮。

Micro Tok-Tok 利用成千上万的微纤维,将 Long & Black Follicle Solution 溶液无痛无痒地施加到真皮层中,使活性成分可以容易地被毛囊吸收。

Micro Tok-Tok易于操作,无需特殊培训即可使用。

安全提示:为了顾及顾客的卫生与安全,不可把 Micro Tok-Tok 与不同顾客分用,并且使用后妥善处理。