Phyto-Plex Senso Cleanser

The Senso Cleanser is a soothing cleanser that offers a very gentle cleansing effect for normal and sensitive scalps, allowing you to clean your hair effectively without irritating your scalp.

The cleanser is so gentle, that it can even be used on a baby’s skin!

The Senso Cleanser contains:

• Sodium Guaiazulene
• Sodium Hyaluronate
• Copper Tripeptide-1
• Hydrolyzed Collagen
• Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
• Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
• Hydrolyzed Corn Protein
• Hydrolyzed Keratin
• Various Plant Extracts
• Various Fruit Extracts

The Cleanser comes in 1000ml & 500ml sizes.

Senso Cleanser是一款舒缓性的洗头乳,可为正常和敏感的头皮提供非常温和的清洁效果,让您有效清洁头发而不刺激头皮。


Senso Cleanser含有以下成份:

  • Sodium Guaiazulene
  • 透明质酸钠
  • 铜三肽-1
  • 水解胶原蛋白
  • 水解大豆蛋白
  • 水解小麦蛋白
  • 水解玉米蛋白
  • 水解角蛋白
  • 各种植物萃取物
  • 各种水果萃取物

使用者可选择1公升或者500毫升包装来购买 Senso Cleanser